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Numerous small and medium businesses in India meticulously maintain their regular Accounting & Bookkeeping Services. In most cases, the inward people need to spare their valuable time behind such cope-up.

Again, establishing an accounting division and hiring trained bookkeeping personnel involves costs high. Even bookkeeping software is of much high-priced these days.

Therefore, these units outsource their entire Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services to another farm specialized in this segment. Many other small companies earn their livelihood by doing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for small businesses.

The concept has eliminated the need to have a specialized accounting division. Smaller organizations, too, access professional accounting and bookkeeping services at nearly half the cost.

Professional bookkeeping services strengthen the Bedrock of Financial System. Bookkeeping services form an integral of accounting services. Therefore, it comprises the vital duo–Account Payables and Receivables.

Systematized account payable and receivable functions ease the management of working capital. You can also identify the principal areas for saving the funds.

A designed pattern also offers the management an excellent account of goods and services purchased and sold. Thus, you can assess the number and quantity of funds in hand without panic. Planning for the future also becomes easy. Professional bookkeeping services in India also support numerous overseas clients to streamline their financials.

Several accounting groups in India also offer AP & AR services. The system helps record updated information about real-time payables and receivables. Working with foreign clients also means foreign currency earning. It works to strengthen our foreign currency reserve too. The AP & AR services also let you have complete control over data.

With this, the professionals can seamlessly handle financial functions. These work in parallel with the cash flow. The growth of appropriate technology has led outsourced bookkeeping services providers to use those. With the involvement of an efficient financial management team, the entire system works in an accurate recording of payables and receivables till the last working date.

Details of Accounts Payable Services

Data Capture:

The service enables the Bookkeeping Services Online services to cover all the receipts. Therefore, they can easily manage the entire paper-based payables and receivable documents. Its features include:

  • Sorting.
  • Batch preparation.
  • Scanning.
  • Indexing
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Audit
  • Reconciliation of the paper documents.
Data Processing

After having the sorted files, the operator needs to process the docs. The management usually instructs sorting of the non-general transactions. These get preferred treatments. The process involves:

  • Routing and approval.
  • Month-end closing processes become brief.
  • The audit trail has proper documentation.

Suspect Duplicate Analysis

It helps eliminate the risk of copying the transactions. Thus, the company does not suffer while paying the dues. Most professional units adopt a three-way Database Matching process to bring down errors to the minimum. The software compares both the automated and the manual data. Sometimes, the audit team checks the electronic invoice to ensure that everything keeps the parameters up.


The procedure cancels any risk while making fast payments. It reduces the following costs:

  • Cost of print and distribution of Cheques.
  • Online proofing.
  • Proper check stocks maintenance.
  • Electronic payments.
  • Handling perpetuated invoice mails.


Besides all those mentioned above, various professional Bookkeeping services in India providers offer some other services. These kinds of services help strengthen the financial power of the business concerned. Such services include:

  • Managing the utility bills.
  • Processing the travel expenses.
  • Reporting on Tax.
  • Supplier Management.
  • Projects reports based on events.

Particulars of Account Receivables

Service providers offer a host of services for account receivables. These include:

  • Preparing the bills. The team mails the bills after having customer approval.
  • Record and account for revenue.
  • Put up the related transactions into the accounting software.
  • Preparing the periodic statements and delivering the same to the customer.
  • Issuing credit memos. Refund the checks after the customer approves them.
  • Maintain subsidiary receivables ledger.
  • Carry out the process adjustments.
  • The customer must agree with such adaptation.
  • Resolving short pays.
  • Recording cash receipts into the customer account.
  • Preparing the accounts receivables report.

Reputed service providers also offer Accounts Receivables Deductions Management services.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Pune

Reputed outsource accounting and bookkeeping service providers in Pune boast of their online presence. Besides being affordable, the services also come out with hostages of benefits for the clients. The benefits include:

  • Online services assure efficiency in recording and maintenance of the records.
  • Gross availability ensures a costing bonanza too.
  • The professionals maintain data with appropriate login IDs and passwords. It helps bring the required security.
  • Management expects MIS report update in time, Ability to do this raised confidence in the Pune Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.
  • The accounting experts prepare financial statements as per the legal requirements. Audit chartered services also come up with other support services.
  • Pune account and audit services provide GST & TDS compliance services too.
  • The accounting experts prepare growth plans for the clients.

These involve sales and other financial activities. Planned growth also helps them meet their budget requirements.

  • With efficient financial accounts and bookkeeping, the decision-making process becomes more apt.
  • The outsourcing partners do the bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Therefore, the client management can focus on more prudent business activities.
  • The client company need not handle activities like training the new entrants. The outsourcing company also takes care of their leaves, retentions, and incentives. Without these stresses and low-level management operations, the client company can decrease the work loss situations.

Outsource bookkeeping services India features

The professional accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services in India have a lot to offer. They have meticulously divided those. Each of the divisions has become an individual package. Such partition has helped them accentuate the payroll services values. The clients can take all or a part of the packages and pay.

  • A regulated accounting service.
  • Recording payable and receivables.
  • Care of the returns and dues under legal suppression.
  • To make reports of the annual audit and develop the same.
  • To prepare the Bank Reconciliation Statement and related tasks.
  • Tax compliance maintenance for the client organization.
  • The experts in the outsourcing companies prepare answers for auditing team queries. They show up during the questioning sessions and ensure the prominences of the client.
  • Maintain the employee expense records.
  • Prepare all the invoices and clearances. They also do the maintenance.
  • To look after the client company fixed assets. The additional responsibility includes looking after the accounting patterns.
  • MIS reports creation.

It includes Balance Sheet and Profit-loss statements. The client may also require separate book statements for receivables and payables.

  • Provide guidance and consulting support. It may include a sum-up of a lot of the tasks mentioned above. Therefore, bookkeeping service companies receive a merger under a single-head sphere.
  • The entire account-chart handling.
  • Maintain the books’ accuracy.
  • The service package also includes caring for the expenses, assets, and general ledgers.
  • Design a monthly report and analysis of accounting services.
  • Recording cash flow and preparing monthly statements.

Why should you trust Outsourced Bookkeeping services in India?

Outsource Bookkeeping Services offer benefits to those organizations whose core competency could be technology, Information, news, or anything else, but not accounting.

These companies get themselves free from the hassles of maintaining a separate accounting division and the related costs. Besides having a smart-sized company, they liberate dollars too.

Outsourcing to India is a popular idea. Overseas organizations know the Bookkeeping Services in India offer services of an equal standard at much less cost. There are other benefits too. These include:

  • The outsourcing partner grabs the most meticulous stuff from you. Thus, you can put more focus on your prime business.
  • Being sure about the financial outcome means you will opt for the required risks.
  • You can boost the bottom line with less staff.
  • The outsourcing partner ensures you complete and competent financial management. It starts with bookkeeping and goes up to tax filing.
  • The dedicated Bookkeeping Services Online guards your finance with absolute loyalty.
  • It also ensures round-the-clock accounting access.
  • You are free from training and motivating hassles.
  • The accounting firm will recruit staff as per the needs. They thus limit your responsibility to make the payment.
  • Rest assured of complete confidentiality. The outsourcing company arranges the latest encryption technology. It helps them serve the client better.
  • The remote servers and the physical security systems also work for such good.

Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping outsourcing services available in India. Indian accounting companies can take the responsibilities of the following services:

  • Invoice generation services.
  • Accounts receivable tracking services.
  • Accounts receivable report generating.
  • Account payable service tracking.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Profit and Loss accounting services.
  • Services relating to general ledger maintenance.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Compilation of tax returns.

Services to cater to multiple industries

Reputed Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Pune and various other cithers use customized bookkeeping and accounting service software. With the specialized support units, they can prop the needs of industries. The widest expertise ranges can thus create packages suitable for different expert built-up.

Besides, many bookkeeping supporting organizations can also prepare custom reports. These reporting capacities help the customer analyze their expenses and revenues much better. Such tailored reports contain:

  • Customer report to help the client scale the top and bottom profit providers.
  • With an employee report, he can analyze CTC and year-to-end reports.
  • The categorical break-up expenses help the client assess the expenditures by product line, office, or region.
  • There are scopes to determine the spending behind individual events too.

Bookkeeping outsource in India FAQS

What do you mean by outsourcing?

In outsourcing, the parent company delegates tasks and responsibilities to the service provider. The job nature depends on the type of job. They do it to ensure timely compliance with those tasks. With lessened or no hassles, the company can concentrate on the core affairs.

How will you explain Bookkeeping service outsource in India?

Bookkeeping service outsource in India means handing over accounting services to an Indian Company. The range of services includes bookkeeping, regular accounting, preparing financial statements and tax returns at the end of the year. The outsource service-providing company also handles the periodic sales tax return filings.

How the outsourcing company manages projects, priorities, and deadlines?

A reputable service provider uses a project management system to comply with the tasks, priorities, and deadlines. It assigns teams of individuals based on the work scope and nature. The team members utilize the project management system to serve their clients the best. Clients also have access to the system. It helps both to collaborate, thus ensuring efficient performances.

Is it possible that a US conglomerate set up a virtual accounting operational system in India?

Yes, it is possible. The company sets up the virtual accounting operational system via outsourcing functions to an Indian company. The outsource provider manages the day-to-day accounting requirements. These include accounts payable and receivable, general ledger maintenance, preparing the financial statements, preparing tax statements, and related others. Cloud accounting, screen sharing, and secured file exchange tools help manage the responsibilities.

What is the required technical proficiency of an outsourcing service provider?

Having a chartered accountancy qualification is a must. Honored outsourcing companies hire employees with Certified Public Accounting qualifications from the USA. Such a qualification enables the member to do the job better. Top providers also comprise Enrolled Agents, CAs, and staff accountants. They affiliate the enrolled agents with Internal Revenue Service aspects. Experienced staff can handle the jobs better.

Name some of the trendy accounting software?

The Bookkeeping outsource in India providers use the latest software. These include Quickbooks Online, Quick Books Desktop, SAP Business, Sage, Netsure, etc. Ancillary tools with these systems include Bill.com, Microsoft Power BI, Fathom, Gusto, etc.

What do you do with the finished work files?

The clients assume complete control over the finished job files once the provider shares folders online with them. The providers use cloud-based shared folders in exchanging files. The client may impose restrictions to prohibit them from further accessing. The client requires that the service provider erases the completed and submitted files and work papers from their database after final submission.

How does the Bookkeeping outsource service providers in India fix their pricing model?

Usually, the client fixes the pricing model. USA companies pay on an hourly basis. However, some of the Indian companies have their models. The service-providing team works with fixed fees or full-time based on the client’s needs.

How do they accept payment?

International clients use International Transfer options to pay their Indian Associates. The prevalent procedures are Pioneer, Transfer Wise, etc.

Is an agreement a need?

An agreement forms the basis of valid consent. Top Bookkeeping service outsource in India depend on master service agreement terms. Such a document entails all the terms and conditions of both parties.


From the above discussion, it is apparent that a Bookkeeping service partner performs like an audit partner of the client. The service-providing organization assumes responsibilities for the entire accounting activities that form the backbone of an organization.

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