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Outsourced Payroll Services

What is Payroll Processing

A company finds challenges while deciding to outsource payroll services. It is an important managerial function. The cost and compliance involved in paying the staffs contribute to the ultimate decision-making process. Therefore, entrusting another company with the responsibilities needs apt considerations. However, the matter becomes lucid when you understand the benefits of the process. Think about the negativities too.

Payroll outsourcing

It means handing over the staff payment responsibility to a third-party company. The parent company signs a contract with the arbitrator in this regard. The mediating organization undertakes to pay the employees working in the first company accurately and securely on the due date. Such a contract has an underlying message. The Outsource Payroll Services provider will pay the staff on the date instructed every month.

Difference between in-house and outsourced payroll

In-house payroll processing means the business holds the staff payment responsibilities. It maintains an accounts department. The department complies with the tasks associated with employees’ payout. These are:

  • Calculating timesheets and consequent wages.
  • Ensuring exact amount deduction from each paycheck. Most of these go to taxes.
  • Applying deductions. These are related to retirement contributions and health benefits.
  • Calculating taxes and deductions.
  • Arranging for transference to the salary account.
  • Issuing checks wherever necessary.

Most Payroll in India works on this principle.

In outsourcing, the employer uses third-part services to handle the administrative and compliance tasks relating to employee payout. The system works excellence for small business firms. Many want to escape the expenses behind maintaining a full-fledged accounting department. Payroll Services for small businesses thus involve transferring the human resource responsibilities too.

The outsourcing company recruits staff. The recruits serve the parent company. They train the staff, fix the remuneration and even recommend their promotion. In other words, the recruits are working for the first company to carry out instructions from the third-part outsource services provider. The system takes its position fast in our country.

Benefits and detriments

Besides the advantages, Outsource Payroll Services carry several drawbacks too. Managements must know the potential disadvantages before assigning a third party to the tasks.


Time Savings: With the advent of Payroll Services Online, small businesses need not contribute much time to process payments. Updated solutions help frame a centralized database. The unified automated approach presents a closed-loop workflow. The inherent advantages are:

  • Employees need to clock on the payroll system. It triggers an automated capture of hours worked.
  • They can request time-off through the same pattern. Therefore, the management can merge the abstinence data with the resultant time data.
  • The software calculates the wages from hours worked and rate. It then transfers the same to the inputs.
  • Finally, the central processing system puts results into the withholding information system.
  • The system streamlines the assessable taxes and provides the exact amount payable on the due date.

ROI: An automated Payroll Services for small businesses saves a huge for the organization. These account for the reduction of time spent in manual calculation and processing.


Business owners need to pay an enormous amount behind an in-house accounting system. Besides, tax compliance against employee payment also increases the risks of over and underpayment. Outsourcing payroll can thus be an ideal choice.

Self Service

With the facility, companies save the need for paper documents. Automation thus saves stationary expenses. Moreover, the online system produces rectified and more correct pieces of evidence. There are provisions through which the employees can find answers to their queries.


Employees need to submit their electronic signatures while joining an organization. Payroll Services Online use this for their existence verification. Each time he checks in or out, the software compares the signature with the system. It also saves a huge buck for the company.


Manual time-off calculation leaves scopes to potential errors. The solution software streamlines PTO requests, leaving nothing unreported. Calculation of proper wages thus becomes feasible.


An organization may be untimely accountable. If the outsourcing service provider cannot make in-time and accurate tax-payment, it becomes a bearing on the parent company. The solution will also involve a cost.

The software has its costs. The more automation you want, the primary expenditure increases. It is one of the prime considerations while you think of sourcing employee management out. It is among the fundamental reasons that Outsource Payroll services in India suffer from client scarcity.

Implementation time

Software implementation has some time-bound factors. Based on the solution the parent company needs, the time will vary.

Outsourced Payroll Services in Pune

Do you maintain a business in Pune? Is the employee number seem more challenging?

Outsourcing the employee data to a third party is a solution for your company. It will take up cleavages of accounting department maintenance. The same also frees you from manual account-keeping hassles. Most of the outsourcing services providers depend on automated patterns. However, consider the following before partnering with a third party:

Check the company infrastructure. Maybe it does well within the city or province. Does it fit to serve employees in another Indian city or abroad?

Can it provide infrastructure to meet international standards?

  • Evaluate whether your potential partner is ready to meet the intermittent demands while keeping up the day-end needs? Flexibility is a need for such organizations.
  • You have done enough manual operations till this time. Now, you need fastness and accuracy as well. Only automation can do this. Therefore, check whether the provider is okay with the online payroll service. Assess their financial position. They must come forward with a more advanced resolution package in case of an expansion on your part.
  • With technological advancement, we all know the importance of data management.
Bring your IT department in front. It will counsel for keeping the records for a few years down time. It increases data security. It is thus necessary that the partnering vendor has backup locations, which may be a redundancy. An alternative server can help them continue the services.

Payroll outsource in India FAQS

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsource in India is a specialist service that can manage the responsibilities related to staff maintenance responsibilities. The staff team with the company can do pay and deductions calculations for their client. Narrate the functionalities of Payroll outsource in India. Payroll outsourcing units need to manage the jobs related to staff payment. Calculation of PF, PT, ESIC, and LWF are just the tips of the iceberg when you consider Labor Compliances. Before going into a contract, the companies must understand their intimate relationships. The various services level depend on the client's requirement. Reputable provider provides a consort of:

  • Working on staff salary; the performances also include offering the benefits and reimbursements.
  • Deduction of employee income tax.
  • Calculating and making other deductions. These include retirement contributions.
  • Filing and paying the taxes with HMRC.
  • Paying the staff in time and date unchanged every month.
  • Keeping the records of activities.

What are the key ingredients for Payroll outsource in India?

The key elements include:
  • Cost to company or CTC or the Gross Salary, i.e., the remuneration an employee owes before deductions.
  • Net Salary: Companies also call it the take-home salary. It is the actual amount of remuneration that an employee gets after considering the beneficial deductions like PT, PF, LTA, Transport Allowance, Special Allowance, etc.
  • Making all the occasional or onetime payouts owing to an employee. When a company uses Payroll outsource in India, they also transmit bonuses, leave encashment, incentives, etc., to the outsource provider.
  • They also pay other benefits on behalf of their partner. These include various amenities or conveniences that an employee gets apart from the net salary. A standard employer provides medical insurance, family insurance, and retirement benefits to their staff. PF, PT, and gratuity also come into the category.

Tell us about the technology the service provider uses.

Payroll outsource in India providers generally use third-party software to handle payment outsourced procedures. They do not develop or work on that software. Customization is almost impossible with such know-how. Continuous research on developing innovative software helped develop cloud-based software too. The companies can retrieve important information with no help from an outsourcing vendor. The updated devices also offer customization.

Therefore, the provider can put software for single-party use. Enumerate the general support level. A general support level includes proper and in-time responding to customer queries. You can access the support level from their way of rectifying errors. Some of the Payroll outsource in India service providers let the customers use ticket-based support. Most others use phone-based services for quick response. Both the parent and associate companies can clearly define the turnaround time.

How do the providers manage time and attendance?

Time and attendance are two crucial factors in payroll processing. With the inputs, you can easily make the deductions. Describe the add-on services in Payroll outsource in India. Some of the leading Payroll outsource in India service providers offer full Core HCM solutions. They provide this with recruitment modules. Other services include the performance management module, time and attendance, and leave tracking. The service provider also provides the employees with an employee self-service portal. They get their pay-slips through the online roaster. It also helps the company with attendance tracking and checking leave applications.

Payroll Processing in India
Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services in India
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